On my recent trip to Norwich it was dragons galore in the city with “Go Go Dragons 2015” running in the City and “Snap” reinstalled in a new reinterpretation in the Castle Museum. Go Go Dragons is an interactive arts sculpture trail that brings 84 large painted sculptures and 120 baby drains to the streets of Norwich. Hopefully lots of money will be raised for local charity. There’s more information on the website. Go-Go Dragons Information Here are just a few of them. Dragon 1 Dragon 2 Dragon 3 Then it as on to the recently refurbished Castle Museum. The building is one of the finest surviving secular Norman buildings in Europe. The Castle Mound is the largest in the country and after being the country gaol it was converted into a museumin1894.It contains a very varied collection of historical artefacts, natural history, fine art and modern art. In the Castle Keep the history of Norwich through the ages is represented, and surprise, surprise, here be another famous dragon, Snap! Snapdragon was used as the herald of the grand annual Guild Day procession held at the inauguration of the new Mayor. The cavorting dragon was an obvious source of amusement and entertainment for the crowds watching the procession but in earlier times it had a religious significance as part of a pageant performed by the Guild and Fraternity of St. George of Norwich. Last time I saw Snap he was hanging from the roof, but he now has a jolly tableaux and a ginger haired person bringing him back to life! Snap 1 Snap2 Snap 3‘Snap, Snap, steal a boy’s cap, give him a penny and he’ll give it back’   The whole of the castle collection is fascinating and I found two locals taking time out to put the world to rights in the garderobe.

I think you'll find

I think you will find…..

A more surreal detour on the way out was the Jeff Coons exhibition that is in the museum for the summer. I am not sure what the locals make of it but you can’t say that there isn’t variety in the Museum.

Jeff Coons exhibit

Byeee, come back soon