A day trip to Norwich in May turned out to be much cooler than I might have expected for May, but it was a trip that the weather couldn’t spoil.

The train journey was very pleasant. As soon as the train left Peterborough the landscape flattened out and the soil became a rich black. I never appreciated this landscape when younger, but the big sky and the flat landscape has grown on me. I find it quite odd being able to see the horizon, but that’s part of being a city dweller. Ely was the last major stop before Norwich. The boats appeared6 to be shivering on the water as the train pulled into the station. The rain was horizontal now but the magnificent cathedral dominated the skyline (another cathedral I must visit)

On arrival in Norwich it was too chilly to dally around so I took the bus into town. Onto the forum. I would like to say that something funny happened on route but it didn’t.  I just passed a few hardy locals huddled under the multi coloured market stalls. There’s a lovely information and local craft gift shop in the forum, but with the information I needed I had to press on towards the cathedral.

Outside a drizzle had caught up with me from Ely. A helpful local suggested it was a sea mist. Suddenly I was lost at sea and drifted into the Guildhall for a hot chocolate (well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) A nice sit down and an opportunity to write a few postcards to some friends who I wished were with me but alas not.


I made my way to the cathedral via Elm Hill. What can I say about the cathedral that hasn’t already been said? I’ll just say my favourite moment was seeing the Bishops throne still behind the high altar after being placed there in 1096. The idea of the reliquary flue interested me. The very idea that the inspirational relics force could drift up the flue to inspire the seated Bishop into an inspiring sermon! Still musing I paid a brief visit to the library and then it was back out into the cool afternoon to see the herb garden and walk to Pulls Ferry.


At the ferry it was much colder that I’d anticipated so I didn’t set off on the riverside walk. I retreated back towards the town in search of a hot coffee.

Another place that I have always wanted to visit was Jarrolds Dept Store. So this was my chance! What a marvellous shop. A lovely book dept and new cafe. A fascinating cook shop and deli and finally the granary on the top floor. Everyone was so helpful and friendly; it wasn’t like any dept store I had been in recently. Hot coffee refills in the Granary, service with a smile……..lovely.

There was just time to buy some Norfolk lavender before I had to catch the train home. No time for so many other wonderful places, especially the Castle. Another day perhaps? I hope so!