The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore! But I hope it does.

I’ve just returned from Carcassonne after a trip there with the Brackenfield Bandits.

We had a lovely warm time. Even when cloudy it felt so nice and warm, in fact I’ve been shivering since I returned.

The old city of Carcassonne was amazing. Lots to see, and always very busy.  I enjoyed walking around the many alley ways and also getting lost a few times!

The little train ride around the town was fun, as was shopping for the pocket knife! And yes it made it all the way home, a nice memento of our visit. I’d almost forgotten how pretty and warm the canal trip was too!

Everything went well, the people we met were very nice and helpful and thanks to Mamma Hen’s French and history lessons I had a very cultural experience.

I think I underestimated how much I had missed feeling warm and seeing lovely sunlight, it certainly makes you feel happier!  Thank you BB’s for taking me along 🙂