Advent arrives and it’s a shock that I haven’t posted since September!
I’ve been pretty busy trying to get out and about before winter sets in though. The Autumn was glorious with lovely colours before the rains came and left parts of the country saturated.

I’ve really enjoyed visiting various farmers markets in the area. Wirksworth and Matlock being particular favourities with the Pullman Carriage buffet and the Black Cat Cafe being welcome stops for a cuppa and buttie.

But the main adventure was a jaunt to Harrogate with Toohie to the Country Living Christmas Fair.

I was a little concerned about the trains, it’s okay booking these things but if anything goes wrong I always feel awful (even though it’s not my fault as I am yet to have National Rail powers!)
However it all went rather well. A crisp, but sunny day and a nice pause in Betty’s for a coffee, nibble and a natter. I don’t think Toohie had ever been there so it was a treat to be able to visit with her.


I thought the fair was nice. I’ve been to and enjoyed the one in London for many years but this felt more relaxed and different. Lots of local vendors and the usual suspects too. I was quite restrained (for me) with the purchases but that didn’t matter as it was more about having a good day out with Toohie.
Mission accomplished I hope ๐Ÿ™‚