A week after freezing Cromford it was hotter than a hot crumpet at Hardwick Hall.

The Brackenfield Bandits had kindly asked me where I would like to meet for my birthday and as I had been curious to see the new stable development at Hardwick that was my chosen destination. I hadn’t realised that there would be a county food and drink festival on though. Or that is would be one of the hottest days of the year.

No matter, a cunning plan led to a nice walk up the old drive to the Hall and so avoiding the traffic jam.

Lunch in the stable cafe was very pleasant. Trying lightly grilled asparagus for the first time with a big bottle of beer. Tasty, it seems there are still new things to try.

It was very hot and busy in the main festival marquee. I purchased a lovely scotch egg and some cheese.

I had a lovely day, thank you my friends and thank you for my nice new shinny things. They are so very sweet.