The Eastertime trip to Derbyshire. I don’t recall how many times I’ve been to Haddon, Hardwick, Chatsworth etc. Most summertime sundays we were lucky enough to have a grand day out. Usually in a remote place with a flask to avoid the crowd and commercialism LOL. But we didn’t care. Gosh it rained a lot but again we didn’t care.
This time to Matlock on the train. It’s quite a cute journey, the countryside still a little bare of green but interesting no less.
Then to Haddon via an ice cream stop thanks to Mamma Hen 🙂
I can’t decide which of the three houses are the best, they are all best in their own way. I have a fond fascination for all of them.
Here’s the romantic bridge, a place of legend. Just disappointed I didn’t take a photo of the Bishop in a barrel, can anyone remember why he was in a barrel? LOL

It didn’t rain, and after more ice cream it was time to go home. Leaving the Brackenfield Bandits behind, until next time. 🙂