Finally managed to complete my first knitting project. I chose the simple and predictable scarf. I followed a Sarah Hatton Nuzzle scarf pattern. Not at all complex but I still managed to knit a wrong row and pull all my stitches off on more than one occasion. I have to say that putting stitches back on the needles is a lot trickier than I thought it would be (I was a nervous wreck!)
It’s knitted in Rowan cocoon. 3 balls in the lavender ice shade. I am a little disappointed that it looks more grey than I wanted as I don’t really like dull looking accessories, but never mind. Trial and error I guess with colours and also with blending the wool in as you start a new ball. I didn’t knot it, oh no, knitters of the world were unanimous on that! I knitted in. Mmmm, I can tell where my ham-fisted attempts at this are on the scarf and I guess it’s a technique that you get better at!

I have to say that after being scared of casting off for the final time that I don’t think I made too bad a job of finishing the ends of the scarf off by weaving in the yarn with a tapestry needle.
So, ta da! I have a 95 inch scarf that hasn’t been out in anger yet as it’s been too mild.
My next project? Mmm well, I think it will have to be another basic pattern as I don’t feel brave enough to tackle anything complex without a sensible knitter by my side. One day I would like to tackle the Sarah Hatton sweater but not yet, also how do you wrestle with a garment that’s huge! At times I thought the scarf had become another limb!
Lots of things I did discover on my first scarf journey. I can actually knit! (My mum would laugh, after all her attempts to teach me); it’s quite relaxing for this insomniac; Brackenfield Bandit 1, I don‘t know how you can knit with cats hanging off the project?!; it’s expensive, but I understand now why handmade garments are seemingly expensive (material and time) and I doubt I will ever be a fancy knitter. Another life indication that I’m a foot soldier and never to be the legatus, LOL