Into the east for a late summer holiday. Norfolk has grown on me over the years. As a child to go east always seemed boring and flat when to the west there were hills and cliffs and coves and tales of smugglers. But the North Norfolk coast was closer and now I appreciate it’s charms more.
I love the village signs, like the one from Ludham, where there was a lovely teashop with proper tea and cider apple cake.

There was lots of fun to be had on the Broads. A trip through the reeds on the electric eel and then a trip of our own on the choppy waters in the electric boat. I managed to take a photo on the water and a windmill, but sadly no photos of me at the helm, too busy trying to avoid swans and wondering if it was really proper for a day tripper to overtake some expensive looking floating gin palace!

It was quiet a cool day on the water but the Potter Higham cafe experience soon warmed things up.

Then there was the trip to Felbrigg and Cromer. Where I saw real rain, I LOVE real rain! I trird to take some better photos in the garden at Felbrigg, I was quite pleased with my efforts.

Holt, Sheringham and Norwich were such fun. Not so many photos of those. I’ve had lots of happy times in Norwich and this trip was great too. This time I made it to Dragon Hall & the Strangers Gallery. 🙂
Thanks to the Brackenfield Bandits for letting me join in the fun, and I hope my silly attempts at knitting gave some fun back. So close but still no kingfisher!