A first for me in August attending a 1940’s event at the Peak Railway in Derbyshire.
Like so many steam railways up and down the UK, Peak Rail has painstakingly been brought back to life by dedicated enthusiasts. A milestone for them this year was to connect the vintage track to the Network Rail line at Matlock. Not only does this make it easier for me to travel by networked public transport and connect into the past, but it opens up lots more opportunites for them down the line (pardon the pun)
Steam railway and 1940’s recreation make perfect partners. Arriving by steam train at the Rowsley South Station it was a short stroll to the music tent, enticed by the sound of the banjo ukulele.
Paul Harper was entertaining the audience with a selection of suggestive songs.

Turned out nice again!

Paul introduced Marina Mea to the audience and she sang her way through a 1940’s selection in excellent style, even managing to encourage a few dancers.

The Brackenfeild bandits then arrived and we had a very pleasant afternoon drinking tea back on the steam train and watching the mock battle re-enactment. There was time to stroll up the platform to see the Lord Phil.

There appeared to be a lost soul, hanging around, waiting for the driver or maybe the spiv? She didn’t want to say really, just kept muttering “Keep mum, she’s not so dumb”

Thankfully the driver came by and moved her on before the constable came along. I think this photo of the driver captures the enjoyment and enthusiasm of all the staff at Peak Railway. They seem to love giving up their time.

And so to more tea drinking and a look around the encampment. I hadn’t seen the Spitfire fly over, but heard it! I’m hoping that one of the bandits managed to capture it on camera? But at least the bravest bandit and myself enjoyed a “flight” in the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Spitfire simulator. More fun than the rollercoaster I have to say, how did they fly these planes, never mind dog fight in them! Alas no photos, just fun memories LOL.

And then it was all over after a stop off in the musical tent to witness “Victory Belle” singing and tapping the wartime blues away. Time for me to catch the network train back to the present. But thanks to the Brackenfield Bandits and everyone at Peak Rail for providing a very entertaining time šŸ™‚