That time of the year again,the weather was the usual mixed bag, but thankfully the rain held off as I walked around the village with the Brackenfield bandits. The seasons as the theme we started off at the hall with Autumn, and the opportunity for a cup of tea and a bit of cake

Then off to Summer, but my photo wasn’t too good. Quickly into the church, my favourite being exotic holiday. I think the theme in church was a variety of holidays.

The little side chapel

Then for a walk around the back of the village. The BB’s were on the lookout for elderflower picking opportunities which I found most alarming as most of them had a bank of nettles in the way! Good luck with the picking!

We passed a crop field with poppies growing in it. This is such a cute thing, even better later in the summer, but so nice as for so long I only associated poppies with World War memorials. And the poppy is such a nice flower and a lovely joyful name.

It was really pleasing to see how popular this event was this year, I don’t remember it being too busy the last time I visited but maybe everyone has patched up and promoted it so much better this year. And thanks to the Brackenfield bandits for making it a lovely afternoon, plenty of tea and cake, what more is there? 🙂