Rushed around and finished the chores in record time so that I could watch this DVD.
I loved Rufus Sewell so much in Zen (BBC, sadly cancelled) that a work colleague suggested I watch this. He is outragous in it, playing his usual role LOL. But it’s quite a who’s who of British acting. (Kate Beckingsale; Joanna Lumley; Stephen Fry; Eileen Atkins; Ian McKellen etc.)
It was made for TV in 1995 but it was a very pleasant way of spending a Sunday afternoon.
Before I knew it I had chomped my way through a pack of jaffa cakes and paused and played a few times 😀

I enjoyed the “story” so much I would like to read it but apparently the edition available is very badly edited so I shall hope Toohie can find her old copy for me to borrow 😀 (please)