This isn’t something I would usually post, but I’ve been reunited with my Ipod recently. I dont think I will ever get around to loading all my music on to it like some of my friends have but I’m picking out some of my favourite tunes.

What has surprised me is that after forgetting to listen to modern music, I have dragged myself a little up to date.
Right now, Cee Lo is making me smile, and I would have loved to linked to the fantastic Grammy video (Forget You) he performed with Paltrow and a selection of puppets, but alas the Grammy’s are a bit tight about copyright.
This song gets me to work right now, and by goodness it takes some at the moment. (128 bpm + makes it work out friendly too LOL)
This video is just so OTT, but it makes me smile.
Hope the Bracken bandits don’t hate it too much 😉 Maybe Fidel will like it?