Still, didn’t someone witty once say that knowing the price of everything was to ignore the true value? And a thing of beauty is a joy forever?
Anyway, however I slice it, I can’t believe I purchased a piece of Crown Derby. But it is beautiful.
You see my story is that I basically fell in love with the story of Florence Nightingale’s pocket pet owl last May when the whole of Derbyshire was celebrating her life. I would have loved to have been at Crown Derby when the limited edition was launched last year but I had no idea the factory was so close to the rail station!
Oh well, I now have my own Athena. I don’t need to know the brutal truth, the idea that Florence rescued an owl, kept it in her pocket and trained it to curtsey etc. Is enough for the romantic side of my nature. What a cute story in a mundane world!

Here’s my Athena sat on my yak wool Tibetan shawl which I brought at the Country Living Spring Fair in London a few weeks ago. Aided and abetted by the good Toohie 😀