Recently I had the opportunity to visit Fountains Abbey. It’s one of those places on “that” list I have.
I spent a very pleasant sunny sunday afternoon there but barely scratched the surface, the place is HUGE!.
It’s the biggest ruin of medieval monasticism I’ve ever seen and I had no idea there was such an extensive 18th Century water garden, or a Hall that looks like a minature version of Hardwick Hall (the expanse of glass making it like Hardwick)

Anyway here are some photos that hardly capture the expanse of the estate.

The tower is very clever. As you descend down from the car park through the trees you imagine a average parish church, until, at ground level it’s just part of the bigger site.

Here’s a shot of the Hall. There are two National Trust apartments in the Hall, as well as various other accomodation facilities on the estate. But it would be pretty cool to stay here or in the gatehouse. Might have to share breakfast with a ghostly monk or headless noble man 😉

The Temple of Piety in the formal water garden.