Okay, so I am very naughty and abandoned the blog, but lets see if I can kick this off again.
I had a very interesting Saturday, and was very fortunate as it was a lovely sunny day in February. The object was to meet up with my best chums for lunch and a bit of fun!
My journey started on the local train to Cromford Station, to say it’s sleepy would almost be an understatement, but it has the lovely restored Waiting Room which is privately owned now.

It was a lovely morning, a little group of snowdrops had appeared and it was so quiet you could hear the birds singing in the fresh air (as opposed to coughing which is what they do where I live πŸ˜‰ ) It almost felt like spring.
My chums arrived to drive me off to Wirksworth for lunch but not before we had the chance to walk around. In the church I was introduced to T’owd man. The mascot of the town imortalised in this lovely 12th century carving and also by the local bitter (beer) too. He’s a lead miner.

And all too quickly after a nice lunch it was time for a quick cup of tea and a slice of cake, and then home 😦 But it was a lovely day, it’s just sad that lovely days fly by and weekdays drag.

Now this is a CAKE!!!