I thought the milk round had disappeared, but it seems that is not the case. I remember the sound of the electric milk float and the clinking bottles waking me up on many a summers morning all too many years ago.

In these “green” times what a shame we won’t see it back in full force, but as I struggle back with the 4pts from the supermarket it’s becoming an appealing alternative. There’s even on line orderding, but then I guess you can order it online with the supermarket stuff too.
Still there’s an interesting feature in the Guardian with a nice slide show here of Lee the milkman.

Lee on his Milkround

Dairy Crest says that 30 years ago 85% of milk was sold on the doorstep – now it is just 8%, as supermarkets have muscled in. According to Lee, the convenience of ordering online, means that milkmen are fighting back and while he used to be slowly ticking off customers from his rounds, he’s now adding them – younger people and families are returning to his mornings.