I gave up making New Year Resoultions a long time ago, they are doomed to failure, what a rubbish time of the year to give up nice things LOL. Especially this year as the UK is in a freeze it’s not known for a long time and I am wondering when the 15 cm of snow is going to fall over night or just as it’s time to battle into work.
So what a pleasure to read this at the Guardian food blog:-

“Who wants to come home from the sleet and the hoar to a beansprout and grapefruit salad? No: a chicken and ham pie, its crust auburn and dappled, with buttered, minted peas boiled from the freezer and a smooth plop of mash – that’s what gets northern Europeans through the cold leafless season. And I can’t be alone in enjoying a scoop or three of Ben & Jerry’s in front of a film while the blizzard howls outside.”

Read the full blog here
Guardian Word of Mouth Blog

Happy New Foodie Year btw 🙂