It may have been a publicity stunt, they denied it, but it caught the headlines for London Fashion Week and I hope it was a genuine attempt to put a little reality back onto the catwalk and send out a more normal message to women/men about body image.
Maybe some of the stylists did have a hissy fit and walk out…….who cares. Let’s celebrate a few curves.

Designer Fast, known for his tight knitted dresses used both slender and curvier women for his show. He included three plus size models from the agency 12+ UK- Hayley Morley, 21, a size 12, Laura Catterall, 20, a size 14, and Gwyneth Harrison, 25, a size 12-14.

Amanda May, managing director for the Canadian designer said there were “creative differences with regards to the casting of those girls. There was a team change and we’re glad we stuck to our vision.”