I don’t remember this “literature event” too well but it is to be the subject of a BBC programme this Autumn. I think it’s quite sad how events turned the author into a recluse. The article in the Guardian is an intersting read and the actual Hare is lovely.

“It made for an unlikely national obsession: an 18-carat gold, jewel-encrusted hare buried somewhere in Britain, and the fiendishly complicated clues to its secret location contained in a lavishly illustrated children’s story.

Kit Williams sparked the nation’s biggest treasure hunt 30 years ago with his book Masquerade, which sold 2m copies worldwide. But the public response was so overwhelming – Williams received more than 100 letters a day for two years – that the publicity-shy author and illustrator became a virtual recluse.”

Read the Guardian article here Masquerade Hare