The title suggests the image of bored teenagers trailing behind the walking party tuned into death metal doesn’t it? But I came across an initiative to encourage those who wouldn’t necessarily think of country walking as fun, at the same time as promoting and conserving the moorlands of the Peak District. One of the more interesting aspects of this project is the mp3 trails that can be downloaded.
A lot of the trails start at a public transport location, the train may not be running of course, but hey! it’s a start.

The Hope to Bamford trail appealed to me:-

Take a stroll with a Roman medic, an Anglo-Saxon thane and ‘Dambuster’ Guy Gibson and discover a long and varied history in the Derwent and Hope Valleys. You will hear dramatic re-enactments from the past as your ghostly guides take you on this linear walk from Hope to Bamford

Hope to Bamford Trail

There are others though. Legends, works of fiction, conservation, ancient and not so ancient history.

Audio Trails Listing

I just thought it was an interesting idea and potentially good use of technology. I guess I ought to get the raincoat and boots out and see if they are as interesting with a gale at my back as they are in the comfort of my home. 😉

Image by Steve Barnett