Ah, must be getting old, or to that stage where you don’t actually want your childhood favourites changed, up dated, improved, re-invented or whatever phrases they use.
Just reading in Empire mag, and variety that Hong Kong Phooey is going to be the next to be digitised for the modern age.
Apart from being disappointed by this, but then hasn’t everything from the 70’s & 80’s been “digitised” anyway, the fact I found most amazing was that this fantastic cartoon only ran for 16 episodes! What!, but it was on the tv for decades. 😉 Wasn’t it?
Okay, consign this to that catagory where summers were longer, warmer. Food tasted better blah blah, and the mind plays tricks as you get older 😉


Now how did that theme tune go? “Hong Kong Phooey….the number one super guy….quicker than the human eye, had style, a groovy smile and a car that just wouldn’t stop. And when the going got tough, he was really rough, with a Hong Kong Phooey chop” LOLOLOL