As someone who hates to see perfectly formed, scrubbed up fruit and veg in plastic supermarket containers this news is most welcome! Good old proper fruit and veg, where quantities are not discarded if they are not perfect!
It doesn’t have to be ugly, it can be sexy too! LOL


Ugly fruit and vegetables that have grown just as nature intended will be back on supermarket shelves from today — and could be up to 40 per cent cheaper than their perfectly formed cousins.

In a triumph for curvy cucumbers, knobbly carrots and wizened cherries, the European Commission has abolished 20-year-old rules that discriminated against imperfect fresh produce.

In all, 36 types of fruit and vegetables can now be sold whatever their shape, size, lack of sheen or gnarled skin. Even garlic heads with cloves missing will make it on to the shelves and a string of onions no longer has to have 16 bulbs.