It’s been amusing as part of UK bread week that newspapers and local radio have been encouraging readers and listeners to reveal their favourite and/or best picnic spots.

The reasoning behind this, apart from a national commercial themed week, being that the long range weather forecast for the UK is a long hot summer. How they know this when they can’t tell me if it’s going to rain in the next two hours in my locality is beyond me. Oh also factor in the credit crunch and the theory that not so many of us will be taking holidays abroad……….and the vision is for endless traffic jams into the countryside to find that special place.

I have absolutely no intention of revealing my favourite spot for throwing down my tartan rug and breaking out the fish paste sarnies………because I don’t want it mobbed out by screaming families and endless dog walkers! Not very public spirited am I? LOL

Needless to say, it’s probably going to be the back of the car, watching the traffic in the rain! Still, I’ll raise my thermos cup to the thought that we will have that long hot summer…………..