I kinda liked Morph, and also Tony Hart, here’s a news article from the weekend’s Times.


Fans of the late children’s television presenter Tony Hart paid tribute to him in London on Sunday by creating hundreds of models of his sidekick Morph. A “Plasticine army” of Morphs gathered outside Tate Modern in honour of Hart, who died in January aged 83.

In a television career spanning 50 years, Hart, who was also an artist, inspired generations with programmes such as Vision On, Take Hart and Hartbeat. Yesterday takes on Morph fashioned in neon green and dressed in “rave gear” stood next to more recognisable figurines.

Hart’s daughter Carolyn Williams said that she was bowled over by the tribute, which was organised by the fans through the social networking website Facebook. “It’s fantastic,” she said. “My father would particularly love this because everybody is doing exactly what he always wanted them to do which was make something – just give it a go, make a model or draw a picture.”

“People say, ‘Your father created Morph’ but he didn’t – Morph was from Aardman Productions. Morph was actually a thorn in the side of my dear pa, always throwing paint around the studios,” she joked.

Ms Williams awarded a “Best Morph” title to Laura Kerry, 31, who had created a figure clutching a real carnation in memory of Hart.