After an attempt a year ago, I’ve decided to give making some chocolate gifts for Christmas another whirl. It’s probably due to finding some mavellous silicone chocolate moulds in Lakeland.
As well as the truffles, I am going to attempt the chocolate coated softish centres (whoo hoo!)

I’ve not settled on a suitable recipe just yet but I’ve found this amusing tale about ganache.

Ganache has it’s origins around 1850 in France or in Switzerland. History (or legend) says it was invented by accident by an apprentice baker, who by mistake poured cream into melted chocolate. The pastry chef was so mad that called him a ganache (a silly person in french), but then after tasting the mistake he decided it was very good and started using it.

Basically all I will need is chocolate, cream, maybe some butter and a flavouring of choice………the search goes on for the recipe! 🙂 for the ultimate indulgence………….

A truffle is ganache covered with tempered chocolate. ‘Ganache’ is a mixture of melted chocolate and cream, tempered chocolate is chocolate that has been melted to a certain temperature, cooled to a certain temperature, then melted again. The ganache is formed into a ball and then dipped into the tempered chocolate. This gives it a hard covering that provides a crunch as you bite into the chocolate ball, while the ganache stays soft and silky in the centre.